Municipality of Mössingen

In Mössingen municipality, the emerging priority was communication. A wide variety of ideas and creative solutions were therefore taken up and implemented through co-creative processes with the scope to support and improve it, especially with regard to the topics of ageing and AFE. As a first step, the existing communication channels and structures were analyzed, evaluated, and relaunched. Various actions, such as exhibitions, a program week with meeting places, and workshops, were then successfully carried out. Also, a Senior Citizens' Affairs position in the Municipality was created.

The German TRIO:

The representatives of senior citizens Werner Baur and Ute Koll-Szonell constitute together with Andrea Feiler (project coordination from the City of Mössingen), Jürgen Reichert-Hammerand and Felix Buss both from the County of Tübingen (represented by the District Office of Tübingen) the Trio. Also part of the trio as methodological facilitators are Sandra Evans and Stewart Gold from the University of Tübingen (represented by the Lebensphasenhaus). 

In the Local Action Group (LAG) about 20 citizens of the municipality work together - in addition to the Trio members, representatives of relevant NGOs and the city administration - to establish participation processes in an open, sustainable and structured manner, and to develop thematic topics. The LAG first selected three topics - housing, social participation, communication and information - from the eight Age-friendly city topic areas of the WHO, which they are working on as a prelude to a sustainable project. As an initial point, communication was chosen as a key and binding element and framing the further processes.