Municipality of Feldbach

In the Felbach pilot site, the priority that emerged was to foster active and healthy ageing. To this end, senior citizens and stakeholders participating in the Local Action Group developed a hiking guide for age-friendly walks and hikes in the area in and around Feldbach. Older people of the community also volunteered as hiking guides and guided tours for each of the selected hiking trails are going to be organized each month. In addition, a sign with mobility exercises has been placed at the city's local motoric park showing older people how to perform simple exercises and with the scope of encouraging physical activity among community members thus enabling intergenerational encounters.

The municipal council decided to develop Feldbach to a city which takes special account to the needs of elder people. In administration as well as in the municipal council, specific members are defined to implement according measures. So far, accessibility of all public places and institutions was checked, a guide for people suffering from dementia was issued and a specific series of lectures for elder people was launched. Feldbach has 13.000 inhabitants and is the capital of the district Südoststeiermark with 86.000 inhabitants. Therefore, Feldbach has the capacity to implement a new policy not only in the city, but in the whole region.

The Municipality will be part of the Trio, implementing the T.A.A.F.E. model on the local level in Austria (WP2), It will participate in the trainings (WP1), contribute to the evaluation of the pilots (WP3) and will be involved in the development of the TAAFE strategy (WP3) fostering age friendly environments in the Alpine space.


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