Alpine rivers as society's lifelines


  • Young Academics Award 2018 - Sustainable Water Management in the Alps

    This initiative is supported by the Austrian Presidency of the Alpine Convention, the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention and by the Infopoints of the Alpine Convention Domodossola (Italy), Grand Paradis (Italy), Morbegno (Italy) and Tolmin (Slovenia). The initiative is in collaboration with ISCAR. 

  • Interview with Patrizia Dazio from the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), and Hugo Aschwanden as former Head of Rehabilitation and Waters Management Section at the FOEN

    IEM (Integrales Einzugsgebietsmanagement / Integrative river basin management) – a fundamental planning tool for the rivers of Switzerland.

  • Progress update from SPARE pilot case studies

    What's happening in the pilot areas Dora Baltea, Drôme, Inn-Engadin, Soča and Steyr?

  • Collaboration in the Water Catchment Area: Case Studies on Trade-Offs – Challenges and Solutions

    Symposium in Fribourg, CH

    On 27th June 2017, SPARE Partners and Observers from Austria and Switzerland participated in a symposium entitled: "Cooperation in the River Catchment. Trade-Off Case Studies – Challenges and Solutions" from the Water Agenda 21, which took place in Fribourg, CH. 

  • “A picture speaks a thousand words” - SPARE Project communicating through multimedia

    With a brand new collection of infographics and photo books the SPARE Project partners aim at visually communicating the current river management processes in each of the project’s five Pilot Case Study sites.