Alpine rivers as society's lifelines

SPARE contributes to a further harmonization of protection needs and human use requirements. The main aims are to:

  • increase the awareness and knowledge level of the functions and services healthy rivers provide
  • improve existing river management practices by integrating ecosystems services and participatory approaches
  • enable decision makers and river managers to select and apply strategic planning approaches according to their needs.


The main activities we are implementing within SPARE are to:

  • provide a pan-Alpine overview of priority rivers with high protection need
  • collect examples of successful river management in the Alps
  • enable river managers in five pilot case study areas to plan, apply and evaluate participatory methods
  • test integrated and participatory river management approaches
  • make the lessons learnt from the collected river management examples and from the case studies available for other Alpine rivers
  • provide an interactive action and policy support platform called “SPARE-LIVE”, including a decision and participation workflow, an e-learning facility on integrative river management practices for stakeholders at all levels, and a database of successful river management examples