Smart digital transformation of villages in the Alpine Space

Good practices Smartness VS Covid-19

The difficult situation we are experiencing in the daily fight against COVID-19 also offers the opportunity to study and design new solutions to deal with the emergency. In this context, the use of new technologies and smartness is proving to be central to the success of many initiatives. The SmartVillages Consortium, through its communication channels, would like to highlight these good practices #SmartnessVsCOVID-19

Alpine French area

Riposte Creative offers a space of resources and experiences  sharing among territorial organisations and local authorities, and a space of discussions and invention to struggle every difficulty linked to  the Covid-19, with collaborative online methods.

Riposte Creative cares about the “post-Covid19 world”,  learning from the crisis, trying to propose more supportive solutions for  every people, better shared initiatives. All the process works in a  collaborative and common good way.

Riposte Creative Territoriale has been launched by the lab of National  Center for Territorial Public Function (CNFPT) working with all French  local authorities.

The global Riposte Creative project has now different local  implementations (an alpine one with Grenoble Risposte Creative) and  also thematic ones mainly for education.

Alpine French area

In France, the Fablabs network coordinated a lot of initiatives to design and produce protection visors for the population. More than 500.000 visors have been produced in the french fablabs with opensource plans and 3D-printers. All the fablabs have been autonomous to produce and distribute their own visors and the french network came supporting documents, processes and information sharing.

In the Alps, the D’Clic Lab in Manosque produced such visors and gave all the informations to its makers’ network to produce such equipments with their own 3D-printer. They also started a project to protect  employed cleaners using hooks to open doors or manipulate different kind of objects.

Still in the Alps, different municipalities including Laragne-Montéglin, produced locally and distributed tissue masks. In Laragne 20 volunteers worked to sew 3600 masks for the whole population, with patterns approved by health authorities, and old bed sheets collected from the inhabitants.

Royans Vercors Intermunicipality - France

To maintain the activity at the intermunicipal council, we experimented  videoconference. Lots of us never used such tools. Adrets supported us  testing the tool (Zoom) and methods of animation, and we handled a  full council using those tools, allowing administration and local life  going on.

Covid-19 allowed to speed up some of our projects, for example, a short supply food delivery platform at the Vercors scale

Municipality of Fieschertal – Switzerland

During the high-time of the crisis the information exchange between the public administration and the population and also among the population was reduced to almost 100% non physical contacts.

The municipality therefore used their traditional digital communication channels extensively. However the public administration was very happy to have with the municipality application “megaphone” a tool at disposal that assured an immediate information exchange (incl. push functions) on each smartphone of subscribed citizens.

The megaphone municipality app includes the fonctionsNews, Places, Events, Infos, Autostop und Photo-Reporter. In these days the fonctions news, events and infos were especially helpful. The public administration could inform the citizens on specific measures, reglementations, postponed events etc. The citizens could give feedback, they could also interconnect each other to organise neighbourhood assistance for elderly people via the application. Furthermore the local restaurant introduced a meal delivery service for elderly people via the application, an offer that was beneficiary for both, the restaurant as well as the elderly people. Everybody was very happy about this additional communication channel.

Municipality of Campo Ligure – Italy

Collaboration between the Municipal Administration and the cooperative that manages the Filigree Museum has led to the preparation of films and multimedia material for interactive lessons aimed at discovering the Museum itself and this particular form of craftsmanship that characterizes Campo Ligure.

The online workshops can be viewed for free by schools all over Italy (and not only local ones), also in the coming years, for dedicated projects and initiatives. A new educational service has therefore been created, as well as a virtual visit to the Museum.  (portal with video of the Filigree Museum)

Four-country-region Lake Constance - Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Principality of Liechtenstein

Due to the restrictions of the starting point, attention is suddenly focused on the immediate surroundings, the neighbours; the  regional suppliers of food. Companies sometimes react flexibly, convert productions and support  each other. Innkeepers offer delivery services in the shortest possible time.

As a result, BSM has created a B2B platform to highlight regional supply  chains and offer both services and resources.  Other cooperation exchanges also have the opportunity to link to this  platform (e.g. delivery services) so that added value can be created at  the B2C level and the general public can benefit from it too.

The winners are certainly the Swiss supermarkets in the nearby border  regions. Due to the closure of the border to Germany, shopping  tourism was no longer possible in Constance, for example, and food  was procured in the region where the supermarkets were located. The  retail trade in Germany, however, sensed and still senses the absence  of the Swiss neighbours sensitively in their coffers. In addition, BSM, together with the Business Development Department  of the District of Constance, has set up an information hotline for the  economy, where commercial enterprises have had the opportunity to  obtain information on their concerns and thus receive support. Regular  Corona newsletters also provided information about new  developments; links to other countries were established to provide  cross-border information to all players in the Lake Constance region.

The B2B platform should continue to exist after the  Corona crisis, in order to continue to draw attention to and present  regional value chains. In this way, the focus on the four-country region  of Lake Constance should be strengthened and show how diverse the  VLRB really is.

Guide-Your-Guide project

As a result of the #euvsvirus hackathon, organized by the European Commission under the guidance of the European Innovation Council in order to gather ideas, projects and solutions designed to bring innovation to the service of quality of life during the epidemic, the Guide-Your-Guide project has won the award in the category "Support Art & Entertainment". This interesting idea, developed in just a few days by a young and vital team could help the sector related to the enhancement of cultural heritage which is suffering greatly during the epidemic. Here is a brief description of the project