Smart digital transformation of villages in the Alpine Space
The partnership has decided to include a good smart practice per month to make known the activities that take place in our territories and to allow them to be replicated in other regions.
The list of good practices by smart dimensions can be found on the project's Digital Exchange Platform.

A new Regional Stakeholders Group for the events’ digitalization is born

Due to the covid-19 emergency it was necessary to face the need to carry out some events of territorial promotion through the digital mode, thus a new RSG was born consisting of two LAGs, Gal Genovese Development Agency and LAG Verde Mare, a company of digital services and three events Expo Alta Val Trebbia, Expo Fontanabuona Tigullio and Expo Valle Stura.

This is an innovative solution that has ensured the creation of a digital platform for the promotion of artisan and tourist activities as part of these three local events, including EXPO FONTANABUONA TIGULLIO also recognized as a regional fair.

GAL Genovese Development Agency is the organizer of this fair which takes place in Val Fontanabuona, a mountain area in eastern Liguria, and which attracts thousands of visitors every year. Due to the pandemic the event seemed cancelled, but fortunately an innovative solution was found: a digital platform where users could found products and services they need according to the e-commerce mode.

Each exhibitor had a virtual shop available to show its own business, both with a description and with a gallery, to make the products known and book them through a simple online registration. For each shop contact information and methods of purchasing and collecting the goods have been included, in addition the possibility of booking a visit to their headquarters by appointment has been offered to the users.

In addition to the exhibitors, events have also been included, all of these in presence and bookable online. The tourism promotion, as well as through the events, was carried out with the promotion of restaurant businesses. These activities had a virtual space also where they described its own business, showed photos of the traditional dishes, proposed menu with local specialties and applied fair discount.

This action required foreseen the of numerous stakeholders such as municipalities, associations, businesses and private citizens. This model has been replicated in other neigh boring areas of the hinterland as a good practice on the occasion of other local events. Users have responded well to this new mode and the target audience has seen an increase in users included in the 20-40 age group, less interested in the traditional fair model.

La Place des Possibles

La Place des Possibles is a collective project aiming at the creation of a third place dedicated to all citizens of Royans Vercors territory, on 5 thematics : digital skills, recycling, local feeding, solidarities, citizenship, culture and arts. The location in an industrial wasteland, ancient textile factory.

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