Smart digital transformation of villages in the Alpine Space

SmartVillages Policy Recommendations

The Policy Recommendations coming out of SMARTVillages project are thus a major contribution to the implementation of EUSALP. The draft recommendations were elaborated in
autumn 2020 by the project consortium. Basis was a survey carried out amongst the 13 partners of the project coming from all Alpine countries. The draft recommendations were presented and
discussed at the International Smart Villages policy conference of 10th November 2020 with 150 participants from all over Europe. The draft recommendations have been amended after the discussion at the International Smart Villages policy conference. They will flow into the policy cycle of the Macroregional strategy for the Alpine region EUSALP and will be made available to policy makers in the Alpine Area and
outside of it like the other Macroregional strategies, the EU Commission, Managing authorities and so on.
The Smart-villages-approach is important for villages in mountain and rural areas to become more attractive and vibrant.  The Smart-villages-approach helps those villages to use the potentials offered by digitalization and to bridge the natural handicaps of distances. With the Smart-villages-approach, the communities can contribute to the European Green Deal and master their smart transformation. And last but not least, the Covid-19-crises has shown that Smart villages are much more resilient to such crisis.
The Smart-Village-approach is an integrative approach using the potentials offered by digitalization and developing new solutions through participatory processes, thus relying on open and social innovation. This basic understanding of the Smart-Village-approach leads to the following policy recommendations document. These policy recommendations address all institutional levels ranging from EU level, through macroregional level to national, regional and local level. Where appropriate, the respective level is directly addressed and good examples are given.

Synthesis Report of the SMARTVillages project

The synthesis report shows all results of the project, test areas' activities and recommendations for policy makers. 

The new open access publication "Smart Villages Policies: Past, Present and Future" is available online

The new open access publication "Smart Villages Policies: Past, Present and Future" is available

Highlighting the important role of rural development, this paper represents a review of rural policies. Data were generated, including a broad literature research and online survey on existing and future, post-2020 rural development policies. More info