Smart digital transformation of villages in the Alpine Space

Open Digital Smart Village Exchange Platform

The DEP -Digital Exchange Platform of the SmartVillages project is a virtual place of sharing where users not only can discover the achieved results and find all products and tools created within the project but where they can also compare themselves in the context of application of the concept of smartness in the different fields of life of an Alpine community by assessing the level of smartness of their own community, uploading or seeking good practices to be emulated and communicating with the Regional Stakeholders Groups of other Alpine areas.

The DEP has the following objectives:

- Enabling transnational knowledge sharing of the overall project findings between partners and wider public.                                                                            - Aiming for collective intelligence and so delivering the project results under open conditions                                                                                                    - Being interoperable with existing platforms, using as much shared components as possible, but independent to avoid increasing complexity


Have a look at the good practices we acquired from multiple villages in Alpine region or asses the smartness of your village.