Smart digital transformation of villages in the Alpine Space

SmartVillages Partners

Lead partner

1. Swiss Centre for mountain regions Schweizerische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für die Berggebiete SAB (CH)

ERDF Lead partner

2. University of Maribor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science FERI UM (SLO)


3. University of Ljubljana UL (SLO)
4. SmartiS City, d.o.o. SIC (SLO)

5. Poliedra - Politecnico di Milano PO (IT)
6. Agenzia di Sviluppo Gal Genovese GALGE (IT)
7. Energie und Umweltagentur Betriebs-GmbH Niederösterreich BeNu (AT)
8. Association pour le Développement en REseau des Territoires et des Services ADRETS (FR)
9. Regionalverband Südlicher Oberrhein RVSO (DE)
10. Bodensee Standort Marketing GmbH BSM (DE)
11. Tiroler Zukunftsstiftung (Standortagentur Tirol) TZS (AT)
12. Software Competence Center Hagenberg SCCH (AT)
13. Region Luzern West RLW(CH)

Partners' Description

Swiss Centre for mountain regions - Schweizerische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für die Berggebiete     






The lead partner Swiss Centre for Mountain Regions (SAB) has a long lasting experience in political lobbying and project development and implementation in the field of rural development. In all its activities services of general interest and digitalisation is a core issue of SAB. This is also reflected in the lead partner role of former/running interreg projects such as PUSEMOR, ACCESS and Intesi. SAB is very familiar and also involved into the design of regional and national policies in the digitalisation sector and has the possibilties - as a lobbying organisation - to feed project results into political processes.

University of Maribor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


University of Maribor is an autonomous scientific, research and educational institution with the purpose of discovering and nurturing knowledge as well as transferring it into the community through the all-connected fields of humanities, social sciences, engineering, economy, medicine, natural sciences, law, pedagogical sciences and arts. University of Maribor is the second largest and the second oldest Slovene university, funded in 1975. Approximately 15.000 students study at one of the 17 faculties where they are being taken care of by around 1.800 employees. It carries an extremely important role in the region and plans to further develop in the direction of attracting the most talented students and providing a development context where excellence is at home at all levels. It is turning into a central development institution in constant connection with the economy and, together with its partners, is creating a centre of sustainable development for the wider region. Member of University of Maribor are also University Library Maribor and Student Dormitories Maribor.

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Maribor (UM FERI) is one of the leading teaching and research institution in the field of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Slovenia. Under the umbrella of University of Maribor operate 19 members – 17 faculties, university library & student dormitory. University of Maribor counts almost 15.000 students & 1.750 employees.

University of Maribor is the first Slovene university awarded with the "HR Excellence in Research" badge and is obliged to respect the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. Its mission is to acquire, preserve and spread knowledge.

UM FERI with 206 registered researchers and technicians (October, 2018) provides students with knowledge based on internationally recognized scientific research work, thus enabling them to be successfully integrated within future working environments in Slovenia and/or abroad. In 2016/2017 UM FERI counts 1.884 domestic and 96 foreign students. An important element in the current quality pedagogical work is following the latest events in the world and being creative and cooperative in the development of our own scientific research work.

Research assumes as a vital activity of UM FERI to strengthen the positions of internationally recognized university education and research institutions. Research activities are carried out in eight Institutes with 26 Laboratories. In these institutions, we operate in the fields of electrical engineering, computer science, information technology, communications, media, telecommunications and mechatronics.

Although it is difficult to highlight all the technologies where our scientists can show their excellence, we have identified topics, which we recognize as niche technologies at this moment, and whose penetration in our opinion is playing the role of industrial shift trigger. Therefore, topics we would like to explore in our future interdisciplinary projects are related to Big Data, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Smart Health, Smart Agriculture, Earth Observation, Internet of Things, Transport, Factories of the Future, Mobility & Logistics, Renewables etc.

University of Ljubljana

With over 60.000 students, University of Ljubljana (UL) is the largest higher education institution in Slovenia. It encompasses 26 full members (3 art academies and 23 faculties) and associated organizations (National University Library, University of Ljubljana Central Technical Library, University of Ljubljana Innovation-Development Institute, Ljubljana University Incubator). The entities, participating in the project Smart Villages is Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FE)) with Laboratory for Telecommunications (LTFE) and Laboratory for Multimedia (LMMFE). Both are propulsive research teams with more than 40 employees and a strong base of external associates and industry partners. LTFE and LMMFE are highly committed to the research, development, pilot integration and trials of technologies and system solutions in the areas of multimedia enabled knowledge sharing, ICT-based healthcare applications and services, Internet of Things (IoT), User-Centered Design and Human-Computer Interaction and have rich experiences in the development of advanced applications (iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, HbbTV/SmartTV). Relevant experiences (projects): Enhancing Rural and Urban Digital Innovation Territories (ERUDITE), EkoSmart, SIVA, ENGAGE.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering is also the founding member of Slovenian Technology Network ICT linking ICT enterprises, R&D, which transfers technologies and jointly develops new services. UL engages student and staff teams to generate innovative ideas and implement them in open innovation innovative environments. Together with the Chamber of Commerce, ULFE is running Digital Academy, to help companies in the digital transformation processes. Unlike other training that merely attempts to deepen understanding of general changes, the DA focuses on the practical challenges of each industry and the search for concrete steps to adapt existing business models.

SmartiS City, d.o.o.

Poliedra - Politecnico di Milano 




Poliedra is a consortium of the Politecnico di Milano and our core themes are environmental sustainability, territorial planning, mobility and transport, participation, decision support systems, smart cities and communities. We are firmly established in the research community thanks to more than 25 years of experience; we offer services of technical assistance and consultancy and we work in applied research and education with a strongly interdisciplinary approach most namely while dealing with complex systems. Poliedra has a long experience in taking part in EU projects. Among our thematic competences, stakeholder engagement and support to public institutions in designing processes for smart transitions are particularly relevant for Smart Villages. 

Agenzia di Sviluppo Gal Genovese

                                                                                                                                                                Development Agency GAL Genovese has a long and valuable experience in rural development. The core business of DAGG is represented by its ability not only  to create and manage development projects, funded one at a time, by tenders at either European, national or regional level, but also to create operative networks and partnerships (on local, national and trans-national levels) developing ideas and activities locally. DAGG is also a management recognized subject for some measures of Rural Development Program; this position ensure a strong network of public/private stakeholders in the rural territory.  Participation in different projects on rural mountain development attests DAGG experience: ACCESS – Alpine Space 2007-2013, topic: viability; TRANSINTERPRET – PSL Leader plus 2001 - 2007, topic: tourism; ALP WATER SCARCE – Alpine Space 2007-2013, topic: mitigation of drought in the Alpine Area and many more.   As Lead Partner of GaYA project DAGG can offer a good opportunity to involve young people and governance in the SmartVillages Topic
Moreover the company proposes promotion activities of the local area and its produce through the support of local initiatives, the putting on of events and press conferences. Finally GAL has launched a number of initiatives along with local bodies, whose most significant experience of collaboration is that concerning the local Expos, transforming them into genuine promotion vehicles for our region.

Energie und Umweltagentur Betriebs-GmbH Niederösterreich      






The Energy and Environment Agency of Lower Austria (eNu) is the central point of contact and hub in the areas of energy, climate, the environment, nature, mobility and cuisine in the state of Lower Austria. We support and shape the state's goals, provide answers to ecological challenges of our times, give impulses for sustainable action and achieve these through innovative projects. The experience and know-how of our employees feed into our many initiatives. We support the population as it progresses towards an independent energy future, gains awareness in the area of nature conservation and works to preserve a viable environment. Municipalities and public facilities are important partners for us in terms of the implementation and achievement of environmental protection, nature conservation and climate goals.We support companies on the road to sustainability, facilitate the marketing of their regionally produced foods and serve as a port of call for energy technology providers.

Association pour le Développement en REseau des Territoires et des Services


"Adrets, for Association pour le Développement en Réseau des Territoires et des Services" is a NGO working for 20 years with alpine french stakeholders for SGIs enhancement and social innovation in remote moutain areas. Adrets contributes to implementation of policies in the field of SGIs and digitalisation in PACA and Auvergne Rhone Alpes french provinces. It also establishes networks between local, regional and national stakeholders for the sake of improving SGIs delivery. Adrets is the lead partner of WPT2 (Digital Exchange Platform) and will handle a french alpine RSG and a PA focused around SGIs improvement in a smart village context. Adrets was involved in previous Alpine Space project INTESI 2016-2018."

Regionalverband Südlicher Oberrhein                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        



The Regionalverband Südlicher Oberrhein is a regional planning authority in the Land Baden-Württemberg (Germany). Located in Freiburg its area of responsibility comprises 126 municipalities in four administrative districts. The elements of this public body are the Verbandsversammlung (regional assembly) and the Geschäftsstelle (administration). The statutory tasks of the Regionalverband comprise regional planning, landscape planning on regional level as well as regional development, promotion of co-operation between public and private institutions, and the co-ordination of measures with spatial relevance. 

Bodensee Standort Marketing GmbH

As a supraregional business promotion service, Bodensee Standort Marketing GmbH (Lake Constance Region Location Marketing, BSM) is your contact partner for matters concerning to business in the international Fourcountryregion Bodensee. It offers consultation on location, investor services, settlement & advertising and locating commercial real estate, and manages the Cluster Initiatives Lake Constance (CLIB). For location marketing, it is BSM’s task to strengthen the profile of the Fourcountryregion Bodensee as an international business location. This extends from media & public relations, and the provision of informational material on the business location, to offers for visiting international delegation trips. Through targeted location marketing and cross-border business promotion projects with partners in the region, the Fourcountryregion Bodensee is also positioned internationally as a business location. As a leading partner, BSM is involved in the marketing- and communication project Internationaler Wirtschaftsraum Bodensee (International Business Region Lake Constance – IWB), which began in 2010 and from which the regional brand Fourcountryregion Bodensee was derived. As part of the EU project, the BSM will initiate three subprojects with regional partners. The focus is on the test phase, development and implementation of the "Location Guide Bodensee", which is intended to support rural communities in the identification and marketing of their commercial and commercial real estate in the future. By building a digital platform, photo panoramas in virtual space can be explored in a unique way in a photo-realistic 360 ° presentation.

Tiroler Zukunftsstiftung (Standortagentur Tirol)

Standortagentur Tirol offers professional support to and acts as service provider, initiator and pioneer for the economy and sciences regarding growth, location development & marketing, research, technology, funding, European mobility services, innovation and cooperation. Standortagentur Tirol offers a comprehensive range of services to assist your company or research institute with growth or start-up projects in Tyrol and will support you in establishing regional, national and international networks. Standortagentur Tirol develops joint projects with you based on the Tyrolean skill triangle of technology, health and tourism, balancing economical and ecological, social and cultural as well as regional and global issues. Our common goal: achieving market leadership, increasing competitiveness, safeguarding existing jobs, and creating new long-term jobs.

Software Competence Center Hagenberg

Software Competence Center Hagenberg is an Austrian research and technology organization, funded in 1999 by several institutes of Johannes Kepler University, Linz. Its primary focus is on applied research in the fields of data and software science. As a COMET competence center, SCCH conducts cutting-edge research on an international level. Together with its scientific partners, especially Johannes Kepler University Linz, SCCH strives toward leadership in the future-oriented fields of digitalization and artificial intelligence (AI).                                                                                                                   As an essential element of Softwarepark Hagenberg, SCCH makes an important contribution to the development of the region of Upper Austria and beyond. In fact, SCCH is fully committed to serving as an active node in Austrian and international research and technology networks.                        SCCH bundles and integrates national and international scientific competencies and, on a project basis and with a view to the future, enhances its contacts to scientists and scientific institutes in Austria and abroad. SCCH currently cooperates with over 60 research facilities in Austria and abroad.

Region Luzern West

Region Luzern West is a regional planning authority and is responsible for the regional management of 28 municipalities. Its main tasks are spatial planning, business promotion and territorial marketing. In these fields the Region Lucerne West has already developed and implemented numerous projects, it will be PP and test area.