Enhancing capacities for a pluralistic Alpine Space

Final Report 

A report about the activities carried out by the project partners including exchange visits and study trips to good practices examples, regional exchange
workshops and organisation of public information events.
Report Work Package 4

Innovative Integration Projects in the Alps

PlurAlps makes visible innovative integration projects in the Alpine Space to increase public awareness and provide inspiration (Deliverable D.T4.1.1, Good practice collection)


PlurAlps Capacity Building Package

The PlurAlps capacity building package (Deliverable D.T4.2.1) is a collection of ready-for-use materials for capacity building and knowledge transfer aimed at strengthening pluralism in the Alpine area and beyond. The Capacity building package is the result of the collaboration among PlurAlps project partners which, under the coordination of FIERI (Forum of International and European Research on Immigration) and the Piedmont Region, have shared innovative methods, tools and guidelines produced both within and outside PlurAlps. You can download the capacity building package by clicking here.

Capacity Buidling and Knowledge Transfer Activities

A short report with the main findings on how to improve Alpine wide knowledge transfer and capacity building

PlurAlps White Paper 

This document provides policy recommendations aimed at increasing the territorial attractiveness and social cohesion of the Alpine Region through innovative measures that foster pluralism and address migration. The recommendations focus on municipal and inter-municipal levels of engagement. More specifically, they present approaches for public and civil society actors working at different levels (local, regional, national and transnational, including the business sector) that encourage social, cultural and economic innovation, and support pluralism and prosperity at a local level. These actions aim to create more inclusive labour markets and societies for all—locals and migrants—in line with the principles enshrined in the European Pillar of Social Rights.