Enhancing capacities for a pluralistic Alpine Space

Alpine Pluralism Award 2018

The Alpine Pluralism Award 2018 makes visible innovative integration projects in the Alpine Space to increase public awareness and provide inspiration . The best measures in four categories were presented during the PlurAlps Midterm Conference on 16th and 17th May 2018 in Turin.



Category 1: Measures for managing social change brought by migration with mutual benefits for migrants and local host societies

First Prize Winner: The 6th Continent

Second Prize Winner: I am refugee

Third Prize Winner: Be engaged

Category 2: Measures for the integration of migrants into the local / regional labour market and for fostering entrepreneurship of migrants

First Prize Winner: Revealed hands

Second Prize Winner: Finally allowed to work

Third Prize Winner: Les Belleville

Category 3: Measures for building upon skills of migrants in order to improve land use, nature protection and regional development

First Prize Winner: Germinale Agricoltura Comunitaria

Second Prize Winner: Solidarity Walls

Third Prize Winner: Conservation - Diversity – Strength

Category 4: Measures that support the school/work transition of migrants and measures that promote the inclusion of migrants into the dual educational path

First Prize Winner: Talents for Austria

Winners Alpine Pluralism Award 2018

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