Mobility Ecosystem for Low-carbon and INnovative moDal shift in the Alps


  • Online presentation of MELINDA project at WalkSpace2020 by Nora Spiegel from AustriaTech and Florian Maurer from FH Vorarlberg

    On this year's on-line WalkSpace Conference, our project partners from Austria, AustriaTech and FH Vorarlberg, presented MELINDA in recorded presentation.

  • Municipality of Pordenone introduces Melinda pilot project to five new neighbouring Municipalities

    On the second of October, Municipality of Pordenone presented updated pilot project approach, preparation of a study that takes into account all the bike lanes junctions between Pordenone and the bordering municipalities, in order to harmonize the so called "biciplan" (bike plans) of all the area. Five new municipalities were invited to pilot cooperation.


    Last week Municipality of Pordenone held a press conference to present an awareness campaign co-organized with FIAB, one of the main stakeholders of project Melinda, on the importance of cycling: as an incentive, people going to the city centre by bicycle will be rewarded with a discount for shopping in selected  shops.

  • Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences presented MELINDA on mobility week

    Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences participated at this years edition at the Vorarlberg’s mobility week.

    The “Mobilwoche” is organized by the Vorarlberg Energyinstitute and supported with several partners within the field of smart mobility and mobility of the future.

    At four events in Wolfurt, Hard and Dornbirn, partner  presented the Melinda project and the IT component related to citizens engagement.