Mobility Ecosystem for Low-carbon and INnovative moDal shift in the Alps


MELINDA APP is a mobile app for planning and tracking of daily routes. The app supports PILOT PROJECT activities in following six pilot regions:

  • Greater Lyon & Greater Annecy (France): Health as an incentive for behaviour change in mobility
  • City of Maribor (Slovenia): Mobility E-tool – a measure for an attractive and sustainable city
  • Landkreis Ebersberg (Germany): Intermodal mobility options in rural areas
  • Vorarlberg (Austria) V-Mob: Cross-border smart mobility within the greater region of Vorarlberg
  • Switzerland: Ridesharing and Carpooling
  • Municipality of Pordenone and and 9 other surrounding Municipalities (Azzano X, Cordenons, Fiume Veneto, Fontanafredda, Pasiano, Porcia, Roveredo in Piano, San Quirino, Zoppola): Data gathering on bicycle mobility -Master BiciPlan

By use of the app, users contribute to continuous improvements of mobility infrastructure and mobility services. Based on user’s mobility preferences, the app proposes a mix of environmental-friendly, cost- and time efficient and health transport modes.

Figure 1: Tracking routes from A to B

Figure 1: Tracking routes from A to B

MELINDA App provided users the chance to track their route and thereby automatically detect the used means of transport. After recording users can evaluate and release their route according to their individual preferences set in your user profile. Besides that, users have the opportunity to view alternative connections that better fit the weighed criteria and also plan your new routes in advance.

Apart from analyzing the data for the evaluation of real traffic flows, which are recorded in the form of GPS tracks by using the MELINDA App and also apart from the overarching goal of sustainable mobility and thus a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the project pursues following goals:

  • Development of a participatory tool between citizens, stakeholders, authorities and municipal
  • Creation of a decision-making basis for authorities, municipalities or organizations
  • Promoting sustainable behavioral change with the help of behavioral economic measures.


The MELINDA App is available for smartphones based on Android and Apple iOS. The app can be easily downloaded in the Google Play Store (Android) and Apple App Store (iOS). Additionally, following
QR-Codes lead to particular store to download the app.

Figure 2: App Store and Google Play QR-Codes
Figure 2: App Store and Google Play QR-Codes

To use the MELINDA mobile app, you first have to download it from the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).

Figure 3: Searching for "MELINDA" in Google Play Store1. As depicted in figure 3 open the App Store or the Google Play Store and search for “MELINDA” or “MELINDA INTERREG”. It should be the first one on the top.


Figure 3: Searching for "MELINDA" in Google Play Store


Figure 4: Downloading the MELINDA app in Google Play Store2. Download and install the MELINDA Mobile App on your device. Once MELINDA Mobile App is downloaded, you can track your routes without internet access. But in case you want to plan routes or evaluate or release your track, you need an access to the internet.









Figure 4: Downloading the MELINDA app in Google Play Store