Caring for Soils - Where Our Roots Grow.


WP I: Management

LP is responsible for the overall content and financial project management and secures the timely and smooth implementation.
PM is partly externalised to support the internal communication, strategic activities and monitoring. LP leads the internal communication of the partners/observers, incl. risk and quality management. All partners and WP leaders contribute continuously to activities and financial management, guided by the LP, and secure common and transparent project implementation.

WP II: Alpine Soil Partnership

Main objective: Establishment of a formal long-lasting Alpine Soil Partnership to strengthen Alpine soil management/protection and the implementation of the AC Soil Conservation Protocol. This ‘knowledge platform’ induces soil management networking and overcomes knowledge gap, as it successfully links cross-sectoral Alpine soil stakeholders, end-user needs and mitigates ESS management gaps. Activities are built on DE AC presidency soil protection activities and are developed further.

WP III: Strengthening Alpine Soil Management Information Sources

Main objective: Organisation of an Alpine expert group to develop tools and skills for an enhanced assistance of end-users.
Collection and assessing available Alpine soil data, identification of data and knowledge gaps, testing advanced data processing
methods and elaboration of transnational soil information for an Alpine soil and ESS management. Data sets are integrated in
the Alpine Soil Information System (European Soil Data Centre, JRC) and made available for a permanent use.

WP IV: Sustainable soil and ecosystem service management implementation in case studies

Main objective: To test, implement and demonstrate sustainable soil & ESS management approaches in forestry, spatial planning, agriculture and water management sectors. Best Practice approaches for a successful Alpine soil management are analysed in case studies. All PPs develop widely applicable soil management solutions by applying the ESS concept. Information from WP2, 3 are tested in case studies, successful solutions are integrated into sectoral management plans and disseminated in WP4, 5.

WP V: Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer

Main objective: To enhance the capacity and transfer soil knowledge and project results to end-users. WP5 addresses the knowledge gap on soil and ESS management on different horizontal and sectoral levels due to fragmented governance systems.
The soil web platform serves as an Alpine Decision Support tool that contains all main project results. The tailored soil check and management guidelines on soil and ESS management implementation enhances the institutional readiness of target groups.

WP VI: Communication

The main objective is to communicate project achievements & increase knowledge, influence attitude & change behaviour for enhanced soil protection & AC Soil Protocol implementation. Designed to reach public authorities & soil experts and to continue discussion with AC & EUSALP AG6 6 (see C.3.2& C.3.3). Support internal communication additionally to WP M.
The project website & the A53 platform will be a comprehensive source of information for the project promotion & fluent dissemination. Articles, newsletters contributions, twinning’s together with A21/A45/A52/A54 meetings, A42 round tables & A52/A54 workshops will address expert public. Awareness rising press releases & video will address wide public. Final & targeted events designed to involve both. The final conference will wrap-up main A53 Platform outcome; officially includesthe WP2 ASP and promotes A24 white paper. Communication, promotional mat., logo & posters tools will be designed to promote& transfer project outputs.