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The project: Links4Soils

Alpine soils perform key ecosystem services (ESS) that enable human well-being, ecosystem functioning and contribute to the biodiversity. The importance of sustainable Alpine soil management is being recognised yet insufficiently implemented mainly due to its crosscutting function, fragmented governance structures, diverse sectoral needs, lack of targeted soil information and applicable management tools.

Linking Alpine Soil Knowledge for Sustainable Ecosystem Management and Capacity Building.

Our objectives

The project aim's to overcome these gaps by linking Alpine soil knowledge, end-users and experts, elaborate sectoral soil information, create best-case practices and promote soil management. By this, it enhances the
applicability of the Alpine Convention Soil Conservation Protocol (SCP) and contributes to the protection, conservation and connectivity of Alpine ecosystems. The project innovatively links expertise and governance on various levels and sectors to jointly develop and implement sustainable Alpine land management policies / strategies.

Specific objectives
To link and improve soil management strategies and approaches, tools and knowledge for current and future Alpine soil protection and ESS management (in coop. with EUSALP AG6)
2. To transnationally compare, test and improve cross-sectoral soil management & implementation in regional and local land management and soil protection plans.
3. To enhance capacity building & end-user skills on efficient use of soil information for sustainable land use/ecosystem management.

The outputs

  • Alpine Soil Partnership: The permanent transnational soil cooperation network incl. often isolated experts on various levels to enhance political commitment and overcome fragmented governance systems towards a stronger implementation of Alpine soil management strategies using the ESS approach.
  • Alpine Soil Decision Making and Support Platform: A knowledge-driven website, established to become a comprehensive source of soil expertise and information. It serves as a new overarching information platform that promotes all project results, tools for decision support and capacity building, a soil management consultancy service, best practice examples and soil data.
  • Cross-sectoral case study best practice solutions that are transferred into local / regional management plans.

Soil profiles

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