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Our guidelines towards sustainable soil management developed within the Link4Soils project aim to provide a synthetic, useful tool for practitioners that can help them mitigate potential threats affecting mountain soils, and to promote sustainable soil management. Our reports / booklet describe the main threats to Alpine soils resulting from forest and agriculture practices and suggests selected mitigation measures.

Digital SoilCheck

An entertaining questionnaire that provides you with ideas for sustainable soil management in the community. All relevant areas – from spatial planning to natural hazards to raising awareness – are queried. The SoilCheck was developed by Klimabündnis Tirol as part of the EU Interreg project Links4Soils.

Who can participate?
The SoilCheck is aimed at local councillors, community workers and all those committed to soil protection in their community or to get to know the topic.

How does it work?
Click on the areas of the community and evaluate the statements based on your knowledge of community work. It takes about 20 minutes to complete it. If you click on “continue later”, you will get a link with which you can continue the SoilCheck at any time. In the end, you can provide your contact details to get your results in a concise PDF. Complete the SoilCheck together with your colleagues from other committees.
Simply get the link to your municipality’s own SoilCheck: Click on “Continue later” Enter your e-mail address and you will receive a link to your SoilCheck, which you can share with your colleagues. The link can then be edited at the same time, the completed questions are saved.

Digital SoilCheck for decision-makers of Alpine municipalities: (German), (Italian), (French), (Slovenian).

Sustainable soil management practices: Guides for Practitioners & Decision-Makers

Soils are relevant in many different sectors of decision-making and governing: Agriculture, Forestry, Natural hazard management, Nature protection and biodiversity, Tourism, Spatial planning and urban environment.

Links4Soils collected, developed and visualised management guidelines for sustainable soil management. Get inspired.

Analogue overview of good practices in the Bonton - see below.