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Soil data processing methods

This report provides an overview of soil data processing methods that have been developed in two case studies within the Links4Soils project. Using regionalisation as a digital soil mapping approach, point-related soil information could be transferred into continuous maps that can be used by practitioners to support a more sustainable soil management.

Large scale soils classification for rockfalls hazards simulation

The deliverable 3.4 is to be on the link between soil and natural hazards. More specifically, the object of this deliverable was initially on soil erosion and hydrogeological risk for designing hazard prevention measures in municipal land managements plans. The lack of relevant data to deal with these types of natural hazards led the partners involved in deliverable 3.4.2 to focus their approach on another nautral hazard. Thus, the deliverable 3.4 is focused on rockfall hazard and how soil types influence it in the perspective of mapping rockfall on a large scale.