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Alpine Soil Partnership

A main output of the Links4Soils project is the establishment of an Alpine Soil Partnership.

Who can join?
In the course of the project relevant stakeholders dealing with soil in the Alpine area will be included in project meetings to enhance the impact of the project. This will lead to a long-term partnership of soil experts and public authorities on the local, regional, national level. Moreover, NGOs and international organisations were invited to participate in the meetings to develop a common understanding and a Memorandum of Understanding for the cooperation. The Alpine Soil Networks will build on and work closely together with existing soil networks and platforms. Representatives of these networks play an important role as observers in the Links4Soils project.

The aim of the Alpine Soil Partnership is a strong transnational cooperation to enhance the protection, the conservation and the ecological connectivity of Alpine space ecosystems and share practical experiences and knowledge on sustainable soil management.

Milestones of the Alpine Soil Partnership

White paper - Paving the way for a future continuation and integration of the Alpine Soil Partnership

We firmly believe that this document provides future possibilities of the Alpine Soil Partnership, which would enable to further promote sustainable soil management and soil protection in the Alpine region. Our goal is to maintain this partnership with the focus of raising awareness on "soil" issues in the Alpine Region, transferring knowledge and best management practices to policymakers, decision-makers, and other stakeholders, and promoting efficient soil protection strategies.

What does it mean to be an Alpine Soil Partner and how to join?

1. Read the Memorandum of Understanding & the Folder of the Alpine Soil Partnership

2. Fill out the Declaration of Accession, scan and send it to or fill out the form here!

3. Use the information provided and share your knowledge within the Alpine Soil Partnership to promote sustainable soil management!