Caring for Soils - Where Our Roots Grow.

Earthworms - our partners for resilient, living soil in the mountains

Living quality soil is the foundation for our life.

Following numerous articles which have recently been published in the mainstream media about soil life, many people, from farmers, gardeners, foresters and naturalists to hikers who are simply curious to know how nature works, have been wondering about the knowledge available to assess the quality of living soil. It could even be said that there is a real quest for earthworm quality (abundance and richness in earthworms) for those who wish to exploit, manage and preserve resilient, living soil.

This information booklet therefore aims to provide these people with some answers and more broadly to answer the following questions:
• Is this soil living soil?
• Are there earthworms in my soil? Which ones? How many?
• How do I recognise earthworms? And how do I protect and keep them?

Among the rapid collapses of biodiversity and related services reported by the mainstream media on an almost daily basis is also the issue of soil biodiversity. As we will see, soil biodiversity guarantees the creation of humus, the capture and storage of carbon from the atmosphere and slow maturing which enriches and stabilises the Earth system.
In the wake of this rising awareness, a new form of knowledge is emerging from composters (those boxes where our green waste is digested to
transform it into “brown gold”). It reminds us that soil fertility has always been a mark of prosperous, sustainable societies and that its loss has
always been the first sign of collapses which have marked the end of civilisations.
We hope that this booklet will be a modest contribution towards building this new knowledge and putting the living soil revolution into action.