The main objective of INTESI is to assure the delivery of SGI in the long run via integrated, territorial strategies and policies.
The INTESI project builds on the following succeeding steps :

1) Collection and analysis of all SGI strategies in the entire alpine space that are relevant for SGI delivery – Work Package T1 (WPT1)

2) Regional profiles of 10 test areas (TAs) will be established in order to assess the status quo of SGI delivery and to detect challenges, needs and potentials in relation to SGI – Work Package T2 (WPT2)

3) A selection of new pilot activities (PA) will be implemented or existing ones supported in order to test strategies in place and to improve the offer of SGI delivery according to stakeholder‘s needs – Work Package T 2 (WPT2)

4) On the basis of the preceding steps, recommendations will be elaborated on how to combine existing sectoral strategies into the integrated territorial SGI strategies. – Work Package T3 (WPT3)

5) Via the INTESI think tank, the SGI service providers, authorities and other relevant stakeholders will come together and exchange information on SGI issues. In this way the project results are fed into the implementation level and the political, strategical level –
Work Package T4 (WPT4)