Alpine rivers are working for us

By the implementation of HyMoCARES it is expected that  effective operational approaches to improve ES related to river hydromorphology are integrated in the implementation process of EU legislation and in daily river management by relevant target groups.

The main expected outputs are:

  • a methodological framework, validated through case studies and interaction with stakeholders and target users, for the assessment of Ecosystem Services provided by Alpine rivers;
  • toolbox on hydromorphological monitoring and assessment procedures including guidance for indicator assessment by target users;
  • set of predictive/design tools to support planning and design of hydromorphological management and restoration measures including guidance for linking tools across scales;
  • report and online factsheets providing end-users with key information on benefits from stream management/restoration operations relative to ES and ecological continuity of river corridors, based on a network of emblematic rivers of the Alpine Space.
  • sectoral guidelines and checklists for final users on how HyMoCARES methods/tools can be integrated in specific planning/management/operational processes/steps/procedures;
  • legislative/regulatory revision proposals in partner countries/regions based on the HyMoCARES approach