Alpine rivers are working for us


Develop, demonstrate and promote an operational framework to integrate ES in river basin planning and management, in relation to factors affecting river hydromorphology. This will directly contribute to enhance protection, conservation and ecological connectivity of Alpine freshwater ecosystems, since the main pressure factors affecting them are related to hydromorphological alteration, which effects on ecosystems and related ES are still insufficiently considered in decision-making.


Main activities for each workpackage

WP1 - Ecosystem Services assessment framework

  • review of ES provided by Alpine rivers
  • review of functional dependencies of ES on river HyMo
  • development of assessment protocols/guidelines for ES provided by Alpine rivers


WP2 - Integrating hydromorphological assessment and management at different scales

  • identification of indicators to assess the HyMo quality of rivers
  • definition of a multi-scale framework for assessing the HyMo conditions of Alpine rivers
  • development of tools/guidelines to support planning/design of HyMo management/ restoration measures linking scales


WP3 - Effects of hydromorphological management and restoration measures

  • monitoring physical and ecological (habitat/biota) effects of stream management/restoration measures at pilot sites
  • evaluating physical effects (sediment transport and channel morphology) of management/restoration works
  • evaluating ecological effects of management/restoration works using habitat modelling and ecological data processing
  • evaluating effects on ES of management/restoration works applying the overall ES framework


WP4 - Implementing the HyMoCARES approach into planning, management, operational processes

  • identification of planning/management/operational needs and procedures where the HyMoCARES methods can be applied
  • online stakeholders surveys on the use of ES concepts
  • target group WS for the development and implementation of the HyMoCARES approach
  • drafting sectoral guidelines/checklists on the HyMoCARES approach/tools
  • joining existing legislative/regulatory revision processes
  • organisation of online courses on the HyMoCARES approach and tools


WP5 - Communication

  • definition of the communication strategy
  • production of targeted materials (newsletters, videos, interviews, online maps)
  • public Events (field trips, worksop, press releases, final conference)
  • promotional activities (posters, flyers, videos)
  • publications