e-Mobility Transnational strategy fon an Interoperable Community and Networking in the Alpine Space.

WP M - MANAGEMENT - Responsible partner Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico – RSE S.p.A.         

LP sets up PM structure to assure consistent project implementation. PPs define Operative Project, Financial and Communication Managers, led by LP Project Manager. E-MOTICON Steering  Group is decision-making body. WP leaders drive project implementation and controlling. Internal communication is based on  virtual meetings every 3 months, one monthly call among WP leaders (WPL)  and one PP meeting every 6 months. Risk management & evaluation plans define rules to monitor & evaluate project.

WP  T1 - STATE OF ART - Responsible partner Cluster Pôle Véhicule du Futur          

WP T1 will analyse the state of technologies and business models related to operation of E-CS, their monitoring and existingn policies for E-CS infrastructure planning. The analysis will include operators as well as end-users needs and behaviour and lay ground for improved PA knowledge on transnational integrated planning of E-CS. Built on WP T1, T2 will produce a transnational strategy for interoperable E-CS infrastructure planning and WP T3 will test key elements of the strategy.

WP T2 - STRATEGY - Responsible partner Research on Energy System - RSE               

WP T2  aims at defining a sound integrated strategy for planning of AS-wide charging infrastructure with an interoperable management system  (“e-roaming”). The transnational strategy will be validated by pilot actions in WPT3 and their outcomes will be the basis of regional action plans. Action plans will be tailored on specific AS regional scenarios and used in each AS country for strategy implementation. The White book will define the strategy, collect action plans and prove their replicability.

WP T3 - STRATEGY TEST - Responsible partner Economic Development Agency Berchtesgadener Land       

WP T3 will give viable inputs whether strategies are relevant in practical applications or give hints how to adapt strategies to realities. It will improve the strategic approach, add evidence as it provides real data and contribute to Regional Action Plans. Brescia Province; Reg. Dev. Agency of Gorenjska/Kranj; Kempten University will guide PPs in e-MOTICON strategy application within pilots that correspond to 3 realms of E-CS interoperability application: e-HUB; E-TRAIL; Process & Location (P&L).

WP T4 - TRASNATIONAL COMMUNITY - Responsible partner Alpine Pearls        

WP T4 will create a transnational community of PAs (PPs & observers included), investors, infrastructure and public service provider, SMEs, sectoral agencies and end-users. The community will meet on the e-MOTICON platform and at various meetings (see WP M and C). Members of the community will compare their knowledge, cooperate and capitalize on public-private experiences, promote e-MOTICON results and output and implement E-CS planning and installation in their own eco system.

WP C - COMMUNICATION - Responsible partner Lombardy Region         

WPC’s main task is to optimize impact on target groups outside the partnership. It will receive inputs from other WPs, apply final touches and create artefacts to disseminate project outputs. The main objectives are to increase knowledge and to influence attitude towards integrated E-CS planning with increased cooperation not only among PAs, but also with private e-mobility stakeholders and E-CS operators. Achievement of project’s objectives are supported by standard promotional materials and publications distributed during public events where audience has the opportunity to debate and discuss with consortium on outputs, confront on needs and expectations and obtain essential inputs from policy and technological/business actors to be implemented inside the outputs. Digital activities involve PP and non PPs in informal online debates and link them to specific technical discussions and exchange inside WPT4 e-MOTICON community.