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Cluster Pôle Véhicule du Futur

Pole Vehicule du Futur   

Pole Véhicule du Futur (PVF) is one of the leading French automotive and mobility clusters. PVF’s overall objective is to create solutions for tomorrow’s vehicles and mobility (1) by animating the cluster network, (2) by developing collaborative research projects involving private companies and research laboratories to bring near-market innovative products or services, and (3) by improving the industrial performance of companies in the automotive sector (lean manufacturing and industry 4.0).
In the beginning of 2017, PVF totals 375 members of which nearly 300 are SMEs. PVF proved its strong experience and reliability within the participation in eight European projects (Interreg, FP7, Eureka), mostly focusing on electric mobility. PVF possesses the European Gold Label Excellence, and has strong collaborations with other clusters in France and around Europe.
PVF is lead partner of the WP “State of the Art” and is involved in all other WP. PVF participates also in the e-Trial pilot action.
Contact person firstname: Bruno
Contact person lastname: Grandjean
Contact person email: bg@vehiculedufutur.com
Contact Person Telephone: +33 6 74 37 37 27