e-Mobility Transnational strategy fon an Interoperable Community and Networking in the Alpine Space.

BSC Business Support Center

Business Support Center, Ltd., KRANJ, RDA of Gorenjska   

Business Support Center, Ltd., KRANJ, RDA of Gorenjska  (in short BSC Kranj) has the public authority to: perform the activities on balanced regional development of 18 municipalities, given by authority of the Government Office for Local Self-Government and Regional Policy; prepare Regional Development Plan and cooperate with local and national authorities for regional policy development; coordinate the Council of Gorenjska region and Development council of Gorenjska region (18 municipalities, 18 companies, 9 NGOs). Within the next years our main regional priority is establishing a sustainable and functional mobility and initiation of specific policy actions implementing infrastructural and technological innovation for e-mobility and preparation of a Strategy for Sustainable Mobility in Gorenjska Region. 
BSC KRANJ has a role to contribute to the preparation of strategic documents and implementation of alternative fuel mobility and infrastructure regionally, addressing 18 municipalities, in coherence with national objectives.
Contact person firstname: Blanka
Contact person lastname: Odlazek
Contact person email: blanka.odlazek@bsc-kranj.si
Contact Person Telephone: 0038 6042817242