e-Mobility Transnational strategy fon an Interoperable Community and Networking in the Alpine Space.

Soča Valley Development Centre

Posoški Razvojni Center  

Posoški Razvojni Center (PRC) is a regional development agency bringing knowledge, opportunities and development to the Goriška region. The main aim of the organisation is to enhance sustainable development in the field of environment, spatial planning, business, rural development and human resources. It is responsible for drawing up development programmes for the region. PRC is operating in a regional and state network of development agencies and serves as a support for implementing local and regional strategies and policies. In the last years, PRC was partner in projects related to low-carbon mobility & energy efficiency: Alpstar (AS), Energyvillab (CBC Italy-Slovenia). Municipalities Tolmin and Idrija joined Covenant of Mayors and committing to increase energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources on their territories. In 2011 Idrija and Tolmin in 2016 were Alpine town of the year.
PRC will participate in project activities in all WPs and implementing pilot activity e-HUB on pilot area. It will be involved in analysing of state of the art, preparing strategy and action plan, involved in dissemination tasks and communication activities.
Contact person firstname: Mateja
Contact person lastname: Kutin
Contact person email: mateja.kutin@prc.si
Contact Person Telephone: 00 386 0 5 38 41 502
link: www.prc.si