e-Mobility Transnational strategy fon an Interoperable Community and Networking in the Alpine Space.

e-MOTICON overall objectives are:

- to contribute to the homogeneous diffusion of Electric Mobility throughout the Alpine Space, providing a transnational strategy for seamless use of electric vehicles and charging spots with an integrated approach supported by Public Administrations. The strategy, based on best practices of interoperability and on a European roaming framework, will be used in planning Electric Charging Stations with public access and will contribute to increase options for low carbon mobility in the Alpine Space;

- to develop sound integrated strategy for the deployment of a homogeneous Alpine Space wide network of electric charging stations with an easy to use information and interoperable system (“e-roaming”);

- to foster transnational interoperability and integrated planning of charging infrastructure;

- to increase transnational Public Administrations cooperation on integrated planning of interoperable charging infrastructures.


Project partners will upgrade and strengthen the existing knowledge of e-mobility and Electric –Charging Stations experience:

Elaborating data, information, scenarios and building networks for new objectives for the benefit of Public Administrations, business and final users, understanding the typical obstacles in the long-term planning of city concepts and preparing to overcome them..

Apply the knowledge obtained about citizen awareness and acceptance of new technologies and end user interaction schemes, to support the strategy. The intervention on Public Administrations to improve capacities.