Continuity of Traditional Enterprises in Mountain Alpine Space areas

Transnational Business Transfer is an opportunity

Demographic change and rising of ageing index in Alpine Space areas could endanger the capability of territories to keep their attractiveness because of the risk that companies are not right transferred and maintained alive. Each year approximately 450 000 firms are being transferred across Europe affecting two million employees. Around 150 000 companies are not being transferred due to system inefficiencies, causing a risk of losing 600 000 jobs in Europe (European Commission 2011).

C-TEMAlp aims to support this critical company phase, offering entrepreneurs specific services and a network of support organizations with the double aim of strengthen the innovation potential of established SMEs and foster the matching among buyers and sellers at transational level.

C-TEMAlp would like to show, through entrepreneurs’ experiences and concretely pilot cases that business transfer is not only a critical issue but moreover it is an opportunity for the business renewal of the Alpine Macro Region.