Advanced Tools for Low-carbon, high-value development of historic architecture in the Alpine Space

Project outputs

In this section you can find the four main project outputs.

Output O.T.1.1.1 -Historic Building Energy Retrofit Atlas: HIBERatlas

A best-practice database that presents examples of how historic buildings can be renovated to achieve high levels of energy efficiency, while respecting and protecting its heritage significance.
The documentation gathered provides information on the building and its construction, heritage assessment, building material specifications, energy efficiency, building services and comfort as well as on refurbishment solutions and products.


Output O.T.1.2.1 - Assessment Scheme Including KPI for the Assessment and Benchmarking the Sustainability of Historic Buildings

This work is a pioneer attempt toward creating a sustainable rating system for historic buildings. Although the importance of the historic and heritage buildings in achieving the transition toward sustainable, carbon neutral building stock is widely recognized, to date there is no sustainability performance rating system that exclusively targets measuring the sustainable performance such buildings. This work presents a novel rating system that aim to bridging this gap by introducing set of Key performance indicators (KPIs) that are designed to guide the stakeholders into the sustainable design and implantation of heritage buildings renovations.

Output O.T2.1.1 - Interactive retrofit guidance tool for Historic Buildings: HIBERtool

An online platform which offers users the possibility to explore and find various solutions for the energy-efficient retrofit of historic buildings or parts thereof.
The HiBERtool presents a large selection of technical solutions tailored to the Alpine building stock, providing experts with details about wall insulations, window renovations, technical equipment and the use of solar energy. These solutions form an invaluable basis for professional planning.


Output O.T3.1.1 -ATLAS holistic decision-support toolkit

This toolkit is a guide to an optimised renovation strategy, taking into consideration particularly those aspects regarding sustainability, but not omitting socio-economic impact and cultural values.
The document presents methodologies and tools and provides a step-by-step process to implement optimal sustainable regional development policies and renovation strategies for municipalities and policy makers in the Alpine Space, focusing on the reduction of the ecological footprint and carbon emissions as well as the increase of energy efficiency of a historical building stock.