Advanced Tools for Low-carbon, high-value development of historic architecture in the Alpine Space

Project Communication materials

Communication is a key factor for the success of ATLAS in terms of transferability and dissemination. Thematic outcomes from WP T1-T4 will be shared in an attractive way for the target groups. Therefore, the main project deliverables & outputs will be accompanied by communication/awareness-raising work.

This section contains the project's communication materials, most of which are deliverables of the Work Package Communication (WPC).

WPC deliverables

Below you can find communication materials devided by activities.

Activity A.C.1 Start-up activities

Activity A.C.2 Publications

Activity A.C.3 Public Event(s)

  • Deliverable D.C.3.1 Public Midterm Conference: Instead of doing a midterm conference, the ATLAS project participated in the MONUMENTO fair. MONUMENTO is an International trade fair for Cultural Heritage and Preservation of Monuments. In 2020 it took place from the 5th to the 7th of March in Salzburg (Austria). Communication materials made for the fair (e.g. booth design) can be found below.
  • Deliverable D.C.3.2 Public Final Conference: Visit the dedicated SBE21 Heritage Conference website

Activity A.C.4 Promotional activities

Activity A.C.5 Digital activities

  • Deliverable D.C.5.1 Online presence on at least 3 channels: Facebook - LinkedIn - YouTube
  • Deliverable D.C.5.2 Newsletter: one newsletter for each report period regularly informed subscribers about essential project activities

Additional communication materials

  • ATLAS booth at MONUMENTO fair (see deliverable D.C.3.1):
    From the 5th to the 7th of March 2020, the ATLAS project participated in the International trade fair for Cultural Heritage and Preservation of Monuments MONUMENTO in Salzburg (Austria). ATLAS was present with its own booth, displaying some of the project's best practices, the tecnical equipment used for monitoring and assessing historic buildings, a lot of information regarding upcoming steps and suggestions for everyone interested. Following is the booth design:
    1) Best practices wall
    2) Decision support and tools wall
    3) Desk design
    4) Complete booth mockup
  • Touring exhibition on best practice examples - realised in collaboration with Task 59 Renovating Historic Buildings Towards Zero Energy: coming soon