Advanced Tools for Low-carbon, high-value development of historic architecture in the Alpine Space
  • ATLAS will evaluate and promote best practice solutions for energy retrofit of historic buildings
  • ATLAS will give access to local experiences for the macro region of AlpineSpace.
  • ATLAS will provide the ground for policy frameworks and financial support schemes.
  • ATLAS will develop suitable tools for decision support on building level and toolkits for regional planning
  • ATLAS will contribute to the development of the territory as a model region for energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • ATLAS will foster the collaboration among organizations,municipalities, regional authorities and research institutes
  • ATLAS will build on previous or running AS projects: AlpHouse, AlpBC, ENERBUILD and CESBA Alps. Moreover, it will contribute tothe IEA SHC Task 59 (International Energy Agency) and benefit itself from the exchange.