A cross-disciplinary, transnational and participative approach to Alpine food cultural heritage

Identification and Inventory of Alpine Food Intangible Cultural Heritage

We realised a transnational 150 entry inventory of the extraordinarily diverse Alpine food cultural heritage. It shows how agriculture, food, productive landscape and economical aspects all stem from the same set of Alpine core values and thus contributes to make a transnational Alpine identity emerge. 

Inventory to identify single elements of Intangible Alpine Food Heritage (O.T1.1)

The online community-based inventory (O.T1.1) describes significants elements of Alpine Food heritage. Inventorying has been implemented in a large Alpine Space area in four languages. It is publicly accessible in order to encourage creativity in the communities where expressions and practices originate. Inventory entries are published on Intangiblesearch online archive.

Inventory in English here
Inventory in Italian here

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An ethnographic inventory to safeguard Alpine foodways
The inventory of the Alpine food heritage is being populated on​

Inquiry to identify Alpine Food Heritage value chain

"AlpFoodway Community" (D.T1.1.1): a collection of n. 17 video interviews, involving n. 23 testimonials, making the cultural and social values expressed in the Alpine food heritage emerge. Interviews and documentation have been developed in different alpine regions taking into account different languages and subtitled in English for a common and widespread use. In support of the video documentation, an ethnographic photo reportage (over 2000 shots) on the same territories was also produced, inspired by the common value matrix at the basis of the entire investigation. 

All interviews are available here

A Summary of the interviews carried out is available here

Inspired by this work and by the richness and variety of the communities encountered, Regione Lombardia and Lab 80 Film have jointly produced the multilingual documentary film entitled "THE HIGH LANDS" (with English subtitles) which will be presented during 2020 at important national and international festivals. The Documentary describes a year of life in the Alps, from the thaw to the winter, through the eyes, the gestures and the reflections of three characters: Virginie, Valentine and Marcel. Far from the stereotype of the "mountain man", the characters we will follow are an expression of a contemporary, resistant and sometimes innovative way to live and work in the Alpine area.

Teaser available here

Press kit available here

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Traditional and contemporary values in Alpine agriculture, the seminar in Trento​
Alpine values in the spotlight of AlpFoodway video enquiry

Community rights and Intangible Cultural Heritage intellectual property

We studied the ethical and legal issues related to the Alpine food heritage, paying attention to the interaction between different regulatory levels, the social use of land and property, the definition of collective Intellectual Property Rights suitable for food heritage chains and measures to reduce the risk of illegal exploitation and favour the sustainable commercialisation of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Read the news about the seminar "Alpine Food Intangible Cultural Heritage between Legal Protection and Commercial Valorisation: Insights from the Alpfoodway Project" held on February 3rd, 2017 in Marseille.