A cross-disciplinary, transnational and participative approach to Alpine food cultural heritage

Project Management

WP lead partner: Polo Poschiavo

Lead Partner and European Regional Development Fund Lead Partner coordinate the partnership through regular Project Partners meetings and day-by-day management establishing a management structure on several levels; active involvement of Observers through targeted mailings, info meetings, lobbying activities; use of Project Manager tools will ease the governance also for financial reporting; periodical monitoring, evaluation, reporting by Lead Partner/Project Partners and Project Steering Group (incl. risk management and conflict management); regular contact to Joint Secretariat and Managing Authority. 

  • Project start-up 
Start-up activities foresee the definition of a detailed Project Plan and the setting up of an efficient internal management structure. 
  • Internal communication and coordination of partnership and observers, meetings 
To ensure a smooth project development, partner will meet on six month base and a constant communication/coordination between partners and observers is foreseen. Observers will be involved actively in specific WP meetings, Mid-Term Conference D.C.4.1 and International Forum D.T4.4.2. During the whole project they will be regularly delivered with updated informations through Newsletter and lobbying activities. 
  • Project controlling: technical activities 
To ensure project controlling and quality management, the Project Plan will be regularly updated and shared with partners.
  • Financial and contractual management and Reporting 
Regular financial and progress reports will be made available by European Regional Development Fund Lead Partner.
  • Project closure 

A Final Report and a Report on activities that ensure durability of project results will be redacted.