A cross-disciplinary, transnational and participative approach to Alpine food cultural heritage


WP lead partner: Dislivelli Association 

During the whole project, this WP has involved target groups with different approaches, ensuring transferability and durability of project results.
General communication tasks (media work, events, cultural initiatives, visual and digital tools) are part of WP C. Journalistsbloggers and media relations experts who are locally rooted, have a relevant large communication network and provide communication expertise will be involved to generate innovative communication activities in local languages. In addition, all other WPs include specific communication activities to contribute achieving each WPs specific objectives.
Communication is targeted to two stakeholder levels:
  • international and national (communication in English and/or in Alpine languages);
  • local and regional (customized communication products).
Through our large observer network results have been spread and made available to a whole range of stakeholders to include them into their policy framework.

Start-up communication activities

A detailed communication strategy was elaborated at the project start to provide a framework for all communication activities throughout the whole project, so that all target groups could be reached with the optimal tools at the right moment. In addition, the WPC-leader gave guidance to all partners in implementing their communication activities.



A newsletter in English was sent twice a year for international target groups (esp. observers). Individual newsletters in local languages for stakeholders in Pilot Areas were set up by project partners. Press releases were published to highlight the most newsworthy activities of the project.


Digital activities

All partners communicated through their own diverse existing online channels. The project website on the domain, AlpFoodway Project Partners digital medias and a strong social media presence were the basis for communication activities throughout the project. The website also contains  links to other digital contents developed by AlpFoodway. The AlpFoodway awareness and networking platform focuses on making the Alpine food heritage known to a wider public and on the need to preserve it, also through the nomination to the UNESCO representative list of the intangible cultural heritage.

AlpFoodway platform

AlpFoodway profiles on external digital media (Deliverable D.C.3.2)


Public events

AlpFoodway also communicated with different target groups through an array of public events in order to reach a wide public. The Alpine media trip and different regional media events provided international media coverage on AlpFoodway. Academic project partners took part in important international conferences and congresses. The midterm and Final Conference presented project results and let participants learn more about the Alpine food heritage. 

Project events 




Promotional activities

For promotion and visibility at public events, posters and flyers are produced in different languages with customised versions.

  • Project poster
  • Project leaflet 
  • Project video

AlpFoodway official video (D.C.5.3)



AlpFoodway UNESCO

AlpFoodway set the bases for the inscription of the Alpine Food Heritage in the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. One of the steps has been setting up a petition that all who care for the future of the Alps can sign.
To support the petition as well as to illustrate the project to a wider public, a few extra communication materials were made.