Alpine Ecosystem Services - mapping, maintenance, management

Corona Verde, Italy

The test region selected by the Piedmont Region for the AlpES project concerns the territory of "Corona Verde".

Corona Verde is a strategic project that the Piedmont Region has developed in order to implement their own policies related to landscapes and the natural environment in metropolitan areas. The creation and sustainable management of a green infrastructure integrates the UNESCO World Heritage (Crown of Delights and Savoy Residences) with a green belt of parks, rivers and rural areas existing in the metropolitan area of Turin.

The territory of this test region extends from the City of Turin to the other municipalities (93 municipalities) with an area of almost 165,000 hectares and a population of about 1,800,000 inhabitants.

According to the objectives of the AlpES project, the planned activities in this area will be:

  • promoting and sharing of the common understanding of ecosystem services developed in the AlpES project;
  • mapping at urban scale and assessment of ES (according to the methodology defined by the project) for the test region and share the results through an interactive web GIS;
  • organization of training events and workshops involving policy-makers, economic actors and stakeholders aimed at raising awareness of the potential of governance and management of ES;
  • implementation of an integrated vision that through a proposal of a structural planning scheme (intercommunal scale) integrates the ES (identified, mapped and measured in terms of payments for ecosystem services - PES, according to the AlpES project methodology), including through the use of territorial equalization and urban and ecological compensation / landscaping;
  • development of guidelines for the inclusion of the topic ES within the operational tools of regional territorial and urban planning.


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