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Local Action Group (LAG) Alto Bellunese

The Local Action Group (LAG) Alto Bellunese, which covers an area of 233,172 ha, comprises the northernmost area of the Veneto region, including five Mountain Unions (Comelico Sappada, Centro Cadore, Valle del Boite, Agordo, Cadore Longarone Zoldo) and 41 municipalities.

The territory of the LAG is an area that, despite a low population density and some unfavourable environmental characteristics, presents discrete standards of life quality. The natural value and beautiful landscape of the Belluno Dolomites, a recognized UNESCO World Heritage site, makes the areas a famous tourist destination. The Alto Bellunese is characterized by a great wealth of environmental assets, natural resources, landscape and historical factors that, if properly valued and promoted, can be the driving force to promote tourism and economic-growth development.

The LAG includes the Ampezzo Dolomites Regional Park and partially the National Park of the Belluno Dolomites, as well as 17 Sites of Community Importance and 7 sites of Special Protection Areas, which overlap in some cases.

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