Integrative Alpine wildlife and habitat management for the next generation

Ecological connectivity at a macro-regional scale (Work Package WP T4)

Work package WP T4´s focus under the leadership of ALPARC was to ensure a common view on necessary working steps for ecological connectivity between the players in the core area of the Alps and those beyond in the macro-region. This common view mainly refers to connecting the metropolitan areas around the Alps by using elements of the EU’s Green Infrastructure concept and by involving important sectors such as spatial planning, agriculture, forestry, transport, tourism, etc.

The motivation for this approach lied in the fact that the most important barriers for Alpine ecological connectivity are around the Alps, endangering them to become a genetic island of biodiversity. In comparison and opposite to WP T3 which analyses the connectivity potential, the focus of WP T4 is on barriers and how to overcome these.

Ecological connectivity in and around the Alps: Connectivity areas and ecological transects

(more information on ALPINE - EUSALP Poster of connectivity in and around the Alps: D.T4.3.1_super_sacas_poster.pdf)

Further information and perspectives can be found in the final publication (Chapter 7, page 80-86).

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