Integrative Alpine wildlife and habitat management for the next generation

Alpine wide standardised software for connectivity analysis (Work Package WP T1)

After connecting specialists on spatial analysis and ecological connectivity, new spatial data was identified and the ecological connectivity indicators refined, so ecological connectivity potential can be defined.

Further, a spatially explicit, web-based platform JECAMI 2.0, was developed. Here, all types of users – specialists, wider public, etc. – can analyse the ecological connectivity potential in the Alps as well as identify and visualize conflicts, ecosystem services or green infrastructure elements.

Novel insights into ecological space and obstacles in the Alps (land use indicators) can be found in the final publication (Chapter 2, page 21-34).

Output and Deliverables

JECAMI Game and Handbook







Workshop on Jecami (April 2017, Zernez, Switzerland)


Workshop on  the Continuum Suitability Index (October 2017, Trenta, Italy)



WP Leader: Swiss National Park


JECAMI: Joint Ecological Continuum Analysing and Mapping Initiative