Integrative Alpine wildlife and habitat management for the next generation

Public relations activities (Work Package Communication WPC)

Within the Work Package Communication, a communication strategy and a social media concept were developed to ensure a sound communication of project activities and results to the project´s specific (technical) target groups and the wider public, as well.


Poster & Flyer


Social Media






Games & Comic book

  • JECAMI Game to analyse the Ecological Connectivity potential in the Alps
  • Picture quiz on Ecological Connectivity for the wider public
  • Comic book presenting potential human-nature conflicts and solutions in an amusing innovative way: English, Italian, German, French

Final Publication
  • The ALPBIONET2030 Alpatlas
Spatial analysis and perspectives of [ecological] connectivity in the wider Alpine areas



  • Production of a CSI relief to make barriers for Ecological Connectivity more vivid and to get a better image of coherence.

This relief does not show the topography but the height is given by the Continuum Suitability Index – a sum of several layers which influence connectivity (Land Use, Population Pressure, Environmental Protection, Fragmentation, Altitude, and Topography). Now the highest and largest “mountain” peaks and plateaus are no longer found in the central Alps but around the Alps where human activity is far more intense. But also, several Alpine valleys show up as barriers.


WP Leader: blue!advancing european projects