Valorisation of innovative bio-economical potentials along bio-based food & botanical extract value chains in the Alpine Space

Work package T1: AlpBioEco report - results and replicable roadmap

This compact report gives an initial overview over the examined three value chains of apples, walnuts and herbs/hay in the first work package of AlpBioEco and builds up the base for further work packages. The work package T1 has been developed under the leadership of the Bavarian AlpBioEco project partner, KErn, Competence Center for Nutrition
Although the investigated value chains have its specific peculiarities, a replicable roadmap for the analysis of bio-based value chains could be developed based on the learnings in the project. The roadmap shall be a standardised guide to analyse value chains with bioeconomic aspects and potentials in regions like the Alpine Space.

Please find below the AlpBioEco report (which includes the roadmap) and replicable roadmaps in all local languages of the project. 

New roadmap document in English: In June 2020, the roadmap was transformed into a practical guide for analysing bio-based value chains according to their bioeconomic potential. The new document is based on the roadmap, which remains the same but adds practical information. Feel free to share it as widely as possible! 

Detailed analyses of the three value chains

Please also find below the complete and detailed analyses of the three value chains examined, apples, walnuts and herbs/hay.