Valorisation of innovative bio-economical potentials along bio-based food & botanical extract value chains in the Alpine Space

AlpBioEco final report 

The final report gives an overview about the AlpBioEco project, summarising all the project activities and results.

The three value chains chosen as exemplary value chains - apples, walnuts, and herbs - and their bioeconomic potential in the Alpine Space are presented, as well as selected business models developed within the project. In the final report, a special focus is also put on regional examples and anecdotes of the project to show how diverse the AlpBioEco project was and how it actually contributes to regional value creation and to innovation in local businesses! Of course, also the contribution of all the different project partners of AlpBioEco, from five Alpine countries, is presented.

In addition, the final report presents the policy guidelines developed to make the results of AlpBioEco easily transferable to other regions and projects.
In an overall conclusion, the discovered hurdles and chances of bioeconomy in the Alpine Space are once more evaluated.

Curious now? Read the final report here! 

AlpBioEco final report English
AlpBioEco final report German
AlpBioEco final report Slovenian
AlpBioEco final report French
AlpBioEco final report Italian

AlpBioEco factsheets

You don’t have time to read the whole final report? No worries, we prepared brief factsheets about the most important activities and results of the AlpBioEco project, that are perfect for sharing. There are four factsheets available: One for each of the value chains assessed during the project – apples, walnuts, and herbs – and one about the project in general. Access the factsheets here and share them with your friends, colleagues, …!

You will find the AlpBioEco factsheets

  • Innovative bioeconomy in the Alpine Space
  • Apple value chain
  • Walnut value chain
  • Herbs value chain

below in different languages ​​(English, German, Slovenian, French, Italian) for download.