Valorisation of innovative bio-economical potentials along bio-based food & botanical extract value chains in the Alpine Space

Collaboration with the University of Hohenheim

Founded in 1818, the University of Hohenheim combines the faculties of agricultural sciences, natural sciences and economics and social sciences. The university is positioned in three main fields of research: Bioeconomics, World Food Security and Ecosystems, and Health Sciences. It is a major player in research on the bioeconomy.

End of April 2020, AlpBioEco has started to cooperate with the Hohenheim University for a module within the international Master’s Degree course in Bioeconomy. Within this module “Projects in Bioeconomy Research”, a group of four students researched and analysed the EU bioeconomy strategy and the national bioeconomy strategies of the five AlpBioEco countries Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Slovenia.

In their analysis, the students evaluated for example food value chains, stakeholder collaboration, or the promotion of eco-innovation perspectives. They came to the result that the political motivation to promote bioeconomy depends on various factors, for instance the available resources. But however different the approach to bioeconomy is in the different countries, the students concluded that knowledge is always considered as a key driver towards a sustainable bioeconomy.

The research process took place under the supervision of AlpBioEco lead partner City of Sigmaringen and project partner Business Upper Austria. The students regularly exchanged with the AlpBioEco team in online meetings and also bilateral exchanges. This student research contributed to the fourth work package T4 of the AlpBioEco project. The results of the student group was presented to all project partners at the beginning of July 2020, and with a final presentation to the University of Hohenheim for grading on 15 July 2020.

Find out what students say about their collaboration with AlpBioEco (October 2020):

"I am glad that I got opportunity to work with AlpBioEco. I never did it in my Bachelor studies so it was completely new for me. As an International student in Germany, this was one of the biggest exposures for me here. I liked the way our supervisors always motivated us more and more and provided us with constant feedbacks. The weekly video conferencing with them helped me to improve my mistakes for the project. This is a lifetime lesson for me. I learnt many things in this project. Some of them includes time management, working efficiently in a team, responsibility. I am really thankful to everyone who helped me in this project in any way. Special thanks to Anna Bäuerle (AlpBioEco project manager) for always being there." Yogita Yogita

"I am really happy that I got the chance to work with AlpBioEco. The project was completely a new challenge for me. I enjoyed working on it because of the guidance and enthusiasm of team AlpBioEco to make a change. The collaboration gave me perspective and a sense of responsibility towards working in Bioeconomy. I am thankful for giving me such a wonderful experience working with AlpBioEco. I would be glad to collaborate or work with team AlpBioEco again in the future." Harshal Bahekar

"It was a great and refreshing experience to work for a project outside the University. The communication and collaboration within the whole AlpBioEco Team is impressive. I really enjoyed being part of the team." Florian Hoene

"I liked getting an insight to a funded project dealing with bioeconomy and observing the progress. I learned that bioeconomy is in fact a growing field of interest/ topic and also an opportunity for the society and economy. Dealing with bioeconomy strategies was interesting and I can imagine working in this field after my studies. I really enjoyed working with contact persons of the AlpBioEco Project Partners. They are all so kind and supportive." Sarah Zimmermann

To read this student research, please download the document below.

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