Valorisation of innovative bio-economical potentials along bio-based food & botanical extract value chains in the Alpine Space

In the AlpBioEco project various activities, both in research and communication, were carried out. In that way, we promote the bioeconomy, eco-innovation and the valorisation in the value chains chosen for our project (apples, walnuts and herbs). 

AlpBioEco is structured in four work packages

AlpBioEco is structured in four work packages. We are currently working on the fourth and final work package of the project. For more information on our research activities and results: AlpBioEco work packages and results

Best practice examples

In the third work package of the project, we selected innovative business models and presented them to the general public in a Best Practice Brochure. Read more about each business model developed by AlpBioEco: Innovative business models selected by AlpBioEco

AlpBioEco university collaborations

Because the bioeconomy is an area of research to be promoted, AlpBioEco has worked with students in their respective Master's programmes. These successful research collaborations with the Universities of Hohenheim and Wuppertal have resulted in publications. Find out more about our collaborations: AlpBioEco university collaborations

Value chain promotion activities

In the course of its research activities on value chains (apples, walnuts and herbs), some AlpBioEco project partners have developed materials to promote these value chains, for example through the publication of a collection of innovative recipes. Find out more about these publications: Value chain promotion activities