Valorisation of innovative bio-economical potentials along bio-based food & botanical extract value chains in the Alpine Space

Slovenian project partners of AlpBioEco

AlpBioEco has two project partners in Slovenia. 




Biotechnical Centre Naklo

BC Naklo is a Slovenian public educational institution working in the fields of food-processing, (organic) agriculture, rural development, horticulture and nature preservation. BC Naklo enrolls 900 students each year, mostly from Alpine and pre-Alpine rural areas. In Slovenia, BC Naklo is recognised as one of the main “generators” of regional development with an important synergic effect in the field of education and also in joint action of economy, employment, scientific and agricultural sector. As an educational, research and development oriented institution with a great care for a nature preservation and with a concern for production and processing of bio-based food BC Naklo is a suitable partner for AlpBioEco in Slovenia.

During the AlpBioEco project, BC Naklo worked in particular on the business models of the value chains apples and herbs throughout work package T2 and T3. In work package T4, BC Naklo was cooperating with the  Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and worked exclusively on the herbal business models.

In the frame of AlpBioEco, BC Naklo conducted several workshops. For instance, in order to find regional and cross-industrial solutions for the development of apple and herb products and the before developed eco-innovative business models, BC Naklo cooperated with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia for a joint workshop in September 2019 in Ljubljana. Or in May 2020, BC Naklo held two online focus group workshops: one on the business model of apple flour, and one on the business model of the digital service platform. Also, in July 2020, BC Naklo tested the before developed apple flour, which is made from apple pomace, in gluten-free pastries during a focus group workshop on the apple flour business model in Naklo, Slovenia.

"BC-Naklo is a high school and college that believes young people need to be prepared for the challenges of the future. Given that most of our students are from the Alpine region, we, as a school, need to pay special attention to these challenges in the Alpine region.Uroš Strniša, member of the BC Naklo team responsible for AlpBioEco.

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Biotehniški center Naklo (BC Naklo)
Strahinj 99
SI-4202 Naklo


Nuša Levičnik
Project manager
Telephone: +386 (0) 42772102

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia – Chamber of Agricultural and Food Enterprises

Head of work package T3

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia – Chamber of Agricultural and Food Enterprises (GZS-ZKŽP) comprises interests of around 230 agricultural and food companies registered in Slovenia. It also represents branch interests versus the interests of Slovenian (non-)governmental institutions. As a representative of the national food industry association it is a multiple purpose adviser and develops strategic partnerships for the purpose of innovation. Through its members and experts involved it increases the involvement of food-SMEs in order to share knowledge with AlpBioEco.

In January 2019, GZS-ZKŽP and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food of Slovenia, conducted a sensory research analysis named “Crazy about apples” (“Izbrana kakovost”) among students from different Slovenian faculties. This research was important to AlpBioEco with respect to the apple value chain, where it was important to define and evaluate the potentials of apples. The aim of the research “Crazy about apples” was to promote the consumption of apples among young people in Slovenia and to prove that everyone can find an apple variety which suits him or her the best – the student could try ten different Slovenian apple varieties and put them in a ranking.

GZS-ZKŽP promoted the AlpBioEco project at some large-scale events, such as at the International Agriculture and Food Fair AGRA fair. In 2019, GZS-ZKŽP was present at the AGRA fair – have a look at a short video and some photos of the activities at the AGRA fair here. In the following year, GZS-ZKŽP could again take part at the 2020 fully virtual AGRA fair. GZS-ZKŽP also presented the AlpBioEco project at the virtual meeting of EIP-AGRI Focus Group 41: “Reducing the plastic footprint of Agriculture”, a focus group made up of experts from 11 EU countries.​

GZS-ZKŽP furthermore contributed with workshops and other activities, like for example a focus group workshop on the business models of the herbal pacifier and the revegetation service with alpine hay seeds in April 2020.

GZS-ZKŽP was in particular important for the third work package T3, as it was responsible for the activities of this work package. In the work package T3, they organised and supervised the testing and piloting of the selected innovative business models, which eventually resulted in the publishing of AlpBioEco’s Best Practice Brochure. In the frame of work package T3, GZS-ZKŽP also conducted business visits for the value chain of herbs – from this activity, there is also an AlpBioEco video available.

"The Alps are a natural beauty and we can be very proud that we live in this beautiful environment. That is why we need to preserve our natural environment and bioeconomy is one way to do so GZS-ZKŽP hosted the project partner meeting in May 2019 in Ljubljana." Nina Barbara Križnik, member of the GZS-ZKŽP team for AlpBioEco.

Read the interview with the project partner. 

Gospodarska zbornica Slovenije - Zbornica kmetijskih in živilskih podjetij (GZS-ZKŽP) 
Dimičeva ulica 13
SI-1504 Lubljana


Dr. Petra Medved Djurašinović 
Project manager
Telephone: +386 (0) 1589 8296