Valorisation of innovative bio-economical potentials along bio-based food & botanical extract value chains in the Alpine Space

Italian project partners of AlpBioEco

AlpBioEco has three project partners in Italy. 




Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany– Office of Milan c/o DLA Piper Italy

The Italian Chamber of Commerce of Germany (ITKAM) is a registered non-profit bilateral association with the main purpose of promoting the economic relations in the EU with a focus on Italy and Germany. Thereby, ITKAM fosters know-how transfer, competitiveness and business ideas and concepts which is also the scope within AlpBioEco. ITKAM has three offices in Germany, Frankfurt am Main (Headquarter), Berlin and Leipzig (Regional Offices) as well as representative offices in Italy and Austria. ITKAM counts over 400 member companies and provides around 500 Italian and German companies every year with business support. ITKAM has experience and expertise in fields such as innovation, entrepreneurial support, sustainability, mobility and training, tourism and social inclusion – one of the main strengths is the beverage and food sector in all its traits. In the framework of the AlpBioEco project, ITKAM is the Italian partner for the Lombardy region and is involved especially in the business model validation and in the testing of the new products. ITKAM mainly dealt with the value chains of apples and herbs, but also partially supported the walnut team.

As there are apple producers in Piemonte and herbs producers in South Tirol who are interested in the implementation of the business models developed in the AlpBioEco project, ITKAM was actually involved in validating two business models. Thus, for example a focus group workshop in February 2020 was conducted concerning the business model of apple flour and its bioeconomic potential. In a subsequent workshop organised by ITKAM in March 2020, the focus was instead on the business model of the herbal pacifier. For both workshops, ITKAM invited experts from different disciplines to validate the business model of apple flour for the Alpine region.

ITKAM also contributed to research in the frame of the AlpBioEco project, such as a survey about the business model of the herbal pacifier. The results of the survey lead to a very positive conclusion: three out of four parents surveyed stated that they could imagine buying a herbal pacifier. However, the report also shows potential for improvements and objectives for the further development of the herbal pacifier. Moreover, ITKAM presented AlpBioEco at many (inter)national events. One of the biggest was the European Week of Regions and Cities Workshop, where ITKAM presented the AlpBioEco project jointly with the lead partner city of Sigmaringen in an online exhibition and two interactive online sessions.

Furthermore, ITKAM took a clear stand for a sustainable future by signing the Greencycle Manifesto together with AlpBioEco. The Greencycle Manifesto describes 12 key principles for the transition to a circular economy. The signatories commit themselves in areas such as the implementation of the principles of circular economy in local politics.

"ITKAM cherishes the issues of sustainability and green economy. Being always close to entrepreneurs, it is important to develop a circular business model. ITKAM represents companies, therefore it´s committed to invest in economic activities that can reduce waste." Sonia Barani, ITKAM project manager

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Italienische Handelskammer für Deutschland - Büro Mailand
c/o DLA Piper Italy (ITKAM)

Via della Posta 7
I-20123 Milano


Sonia Barani
Junior Project Manager
Telephone: +49 (0) 34198972513


NOI Techpark Südtirol/Alto Adige is a strategic and operative network of established firms, start-ups, investors, universities and development institutions. The acronym NOI stands for Nature of Innovation. As the innovation district in Bolzano, South Tyrol, is growing, it supports young innovative companies and thus contributes to regional economic development. NOI has a business incubator which offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop innovative business ideas and to implement them into successful business models - one of the main objectives of AlpBioEco. Thereby, NOI had a particular interest on bioeconomic research and development within the project. In this way, they integrated their renowned research partners’ and companies’ bioeconomy know-how into the project.

In the AlpBioEco project, the work of NOI centred mostly on the value chain of apples, as apples are a very important economic factor in South Tyrol. Here, NOI contributed, for instance, with a market analysis of the value chain of apples in the beginning of the project, which is accessible here. To find out more about NOI's work in the apple value chain, you can also watch the short AlpBioEco video on the apple value chain or the videos produced by NOI during an AlpBioEco workshop (interview with Ben Schneider - NOI, Roberto Viola - founder of Mirnagreen and Simon Jaist, Fructus). 

Towards the end of the project, NOI also supported the herbal pacifier business model and consequently focused on the herbs value chain as well. Jointly with the AlpBioEco project partner Envipark, NOI hosted for example both workshops on the potentials in the value chain of apples and on the potential in the value chain of herbs in July 2019.  

"With particular focus given to the Alpine region and because of the similar circumstances in the participating countries, we believe that the project is particularly helpful as regards networking: between the companies, research institutions and, of course, the project partners who are addressing the topic of bioeconomy. In our experience, thematic networks are indispensable when it comes to developing these types of business models." NOI's Tech-Transfer Food Technologies team.

Techpark Südtirol /Alto Adige (NOI AG)
A.-Volta-Straße, 13/A
I-39100 Bozen


Ben Schneider
Project manager, Food Technologies
Telephone: +39 0471 066695

Environment Park SpA

The Environment Park (Envipark SpA) is a private company located in Turin, Italy. It covers 30.000 square meters with 70 companies in the areas of Green Building, Plasma Nano-Tech, Green Chemistry, Advanced Energy and Clean Tech. Activities promoted and tested by Envipark are wastes exploitation for bio-chemicals extraction, energetic valorisation of wastes, production of cosmetics and nutraceuticals products added with natural extracts from plants. Envipark disposes of laboratories and facilities with plants at pilot scale useful for validating at pre-industrial scale treatments for bio-chemicals extraction from botanicals. This provides results for bioeconomy evaluation and business model implementing. In AlpBioEco, Envipark plays an active role in providing links among companies, research centres, local authorities and decision makers.

Envipark mostly focused on the value chain of herbs and apples, and in particular contributed to the business model of gluten-free apple flour. In work package T1, Envipark contributed for example with a lab analysis of ingredients and the evaluation of the potential use of floral waters. Already from the beginning, Envipark also promoted AlpBioEco and big events, like for example the Ecomondo fair in Rimini, Italy. Ecomondo is the leading Euro-Mediterranean area green and circular economy expo, which brings together all sectors of the circular economy, from material and energy recovery to sustainable development. At Ecomondo, newest updates, necessities, challenges and opportunities regarding the reuse and valorisation of organic and no-organic waste, alternative raw materials and industrial eco-design, as well as the reclamation and rehabilitation of contaminated areas and bioeconomy in general are addressed and discussed.

During 2019 and 2020, Envipark hosted several workshops about the value chains of apples and herbs. Many of those workshops took place in collaboration with other partners, like the MCI, NOI or ITKAM. For the third work package T3, Envipark collaborated for instance with another Italian AlpBioEco project partner, ITKAM: Together, they implement for example several focus workshops in February and May 2020, and Envipark also conducted business visits.

"The Alps in Italy are a vulnerable area with special developmental needs. The identification of specific resources and new ideas for their use could sustainably boost the economy." Barbara La Licata, Envipark project manager

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Parco Scientifico Tecnologico Per L'Ambiente Envipark (Envipark)
Via Livorno 60
I-10144 Turino


Barbara La Licata
Project manager, environmental engineering
Telephone: +39 (0) 11225 7255