Valorisation of innovative bio-economical potentials along bio-based food & botanical extract value chains in the Alpine Space

French project partner of AlpBioEco

AlpBioEco has one project partner in France. 





Innov'Alliance is an agricultural and agri-food competitiveness cluster located in south-eastern France. The division specialises in fruit and vegetables, vine, wine, cereals, cosmetics and perfumes. Innov'Alliance brings together a network of companies, research and training organisations with more than 400 members. The aim of Innov’Alliance is to support innovation and growth in companies in the south-east of France. This happens through the acceleration of the launch of new products and services based on the results of research projects, concerning for example waste management, vegetable food industry, or eco-extraction. Innov'Alliance is responsible for testing and implementing new business concepts founded in AlpBioEco because of its members who are interested in developing new bioeconomical models.

As walnuts as well as apples and herbs are cultivated in the region, Innov’Alliance was working on all three value chains. In the first work package, Innov’Alliance was putting its focus more on herbs and the laboratory and market analysis of the herbs value chain, while in the second work package the apple value chain and workshops for new innovative business model for apple by-products were central. Towards the end of the project, Innov’Alliance finally used its contacts in the area of Grenoble, which is famous for its large walnut production.

Innov’Alliance hosted many meetings for AlpBioEco in Avignon: For example, in autumn 2019, a workshop about regional and cross-industrial solutions for the development of apple and herb products and eco-innovative business models was held in collaboration with the project partner MCI.

In December 2019, the AlpBioEco mid-term meeting was hosted by Innov’Alliance and took place in Avignon. About 20 representatives of the different project partner organisations from the five Alpine countries Austria, France, Italy, Germany and Slovenia participated in the three-day meeting. The aim of the meeting was the presentation and final selection of the before developed business models, as well as the preparation of the pilot testing phase within the following months.

In this testing phase, several focus group workshops took place. For example, Innov’Alliance hosted an AlpBioEco focus group workshop on pesticides from herbs at Montelimar, in France, at the beginning of 2020. In the fourth and final phase, Innov’Alliance set up one of many Regional Advisory Boards that were implemented by the AlpBioEco project partners in order to work on policy and implementation guidelines, which was the aim of the final work package. In several (online) meetings, the meetings of the regional advisory boards discussed the possibilities for the regional implementation of the developed business models. Innov’Alliance hosted for example an innovative workshop with the creative design thinking method Lego® serious play® about the business model of walnut flips.

"Alps are a specific area. The challenge is to combine economic activities with preservation of the environment. Bioeconomy can answer that challenge by helping companies to produce in a more sustainable way. Making bio-based products is one of the way to achieve the transition from a fossil based economy to a free one. Also, bioeconomy will create new job opportunities in the Alpine space." Clément Diot, Innov'Alliance project manager. 

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European and international project manager
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