Valorisation of innovative bio-economical potentials along bio-based food & botanical extract value chains in the Alpine Space


In April 2017, the Italian government officially adopted its national strategy entitled “Bioeconomy in Italy: a unique opportunity to reconnect economy, society and environment" in Rome. An updade was made in May 2019 with the major challenge to increase the performance of Italy's bioeconomy of 15% by 2030. 

According to its national strategy, the Italian bioeconomy relies on all major sectors of primary production, i.e., agriculture, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture, those processing biological resources, such as the food and drink, wood and pulp and paper industries along with biorefineries, and parts of the chemical, biotechnological, energy, marine and maritime industries. In 2019, the Italian bioeconomy was making about 330 Billion Euro (€) per year of turnover and 2 million jobs. 

The Italian bioeconomy strategy focuses on:

  • Improvement of the sustainable production and quality of products in each of the sectors and the efficiency of interconnecting and leveraging the sectors.
  • Effective valorization of national terrestrial and marine biodiversity, ecosystem services and circularity by creating longer and more locally routed value chains.
  • Regeneration of abandoned and marginal lands and former industrial sites
  • Investment in research, start-ups, education, training and communication
  • Improving the coordination between regional, national and EU stakeholders and policies along with the engagement with the public and tailored market development 


Italy has the peculiarity that companies in green chemistry and some regional clusters have been pioneers in the field of bioeconomy, e.g. our AlpBioEco project partners NOI Techpark and Environment Park



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