Valorisation of innovative bio-economical potentials along bio-based food & botanical extract value chains in the Alpine Space


Germany's national bioeconomy strategy was adopted by the federal cabinet in Berlin on 15th January 2020 (short summary: BMBF 2020). The strategy is based on the "National research strategy bioeconomy 2030" and the "National bioeconomy policy strategy".

The objectives and measures of the 2020 strategy consist of two main guidelines: The first guideline refers to biological knowledge and advanced technologies as pillars of a future-oriented, sustainable and climate-neutral economic system. The second guideline focuses on the raw material base of the economy, which is to be made sustainable and cycle-oriented through biogenic resources.

The German bioeconomy strategy creates opportunities for the development of new technologies and jobs with responsibility in an internationally networked bioeconomy. The bioeconomy council, an independent advisory body of the federal government, has advised the strategy in its concrete form. The German government's bioeconomy strategy addresses several goals at different levels of society and in all economic sectors. These include:

  • Development of bioeconomic solutions for the sustainability agenda
  • Tapping and recognising the potential of the bioeconomy within ecological sustainability limits
  • Expanding and applying biological knowledge
  • Making the economy's resource base sustainable
  • Developing the infrastructure to make it a leading innovation location for the bioeconomy
  • Involving society and investing in national and international cooperation



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