Valorisation of innovative bio-economical potentials along bio-based food & botanical extract value chains in the Alpine Space


France adopted a national bioeconomy strategy in January 2017 in Paris. It was followed by a an action plan in February 2018. The French national bioeconomy strategy is the result of work carried out by the ministries in charge of agriculture, environment, economy, research and civil society. It aims to support the development of the bioeconomy over the next 20 years.

 The French bioeconomy strategy has six thematic focuses:

  • Making bioeconomy products market reality: raise consumers awareness of these products, guaranteed quality through certification and normative standards, highlighting of positive environmental externalities, public procurement as valuable tool for the promotion of positive externalities
  • Accompanying the transition to a biobased industry by strengthening the dialogue and synergies between biomass producers and processors, but also between different types of valorisation.
  • Sustainable production of the bioresources needed for the various requirements of value chains and society
  • Ensure the sustainability of the bioeconomy by using ecosystem-based approaches for economically and environmentally efficient production, sharing of good practices and impact assessments.
  • Inform and raise public awareness
  • Investing in research and innovation


The strategy has two particular characteristics: emphasis on the bioeconomy’s local dimension and the conversion of locally produced biomass into highvalue biobased products as well as the involvement of society as a condition for a successful bioeconomy development. The strategy identifies eight major french sectors concerned by the bioeconomy: agriculture, forestry, forest and wood industry, fisheries and aquaculture, agrifood, bioenergy, waste management, chemicals and biobased materials.

In 2017, a bioeconomy strategy committee has been set up to translate the strategy into concrete actions, to contribute to the updating of the European bioeconomy strategy and to support the territorial approaches undertaken in favour of the bioeconomy. The action plan translates the overall bioeconomy strategy into operational actions under five broad headings:

  • Extending knowledge
  • Promoting the bioeconomy and its products to the general public
  • Creating the conditions for matching supply with demand
  • Sustainable bioresource production, mobilisation and processing
  • Removing obstacles and providing funding


In France, nearly 1.9 million people are directly involved in bioeconomy activities.


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