Valorisation of innovative bio-economical potentials along bio-based food & botanical extract value chains in the Alpine Space

Bioeconomy and the EU


On 11 October 2018, the European Commission revised its 2012 bioeconomy strategy

To guide this concerted effort by governments and industry, the Commission has planned to launch in 2019 14 concrete measures focusing on three key objectives:

  • strengthen and scale up the bio-based sectors, unlock investments and markets;
  • deploy local bioeconomies rapidly across the whole of Europe;
  • understand the ecological boundaries of the bioeconomy.

According to the Commission, the action plan to develop the bioeconomy in Europe is likely to create one million new green jobs by 2030. The bioeconomy is one of the EU's largest sectors of activity, comprising agriculture, forestry, fisheries, food, bioenergy and bioproducts, with an annual turnover of around €2 trillion and some 18 million employees.

If you want to read the details of the action plan, here is the link to an infographic from the European Commission.

If you would like to read the Commission's communication in your language, click here.

The EU has developed its expertise on the bioeconomy over the past several years.

On 20 July 2017, the European Commission launched the Knowledge Centre for the Bioeconomy. The Centre created by the Commission's internal scientific service, the Joint Research Centre (European Commission's science and knowledge service), in cooperation with the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation of the Commission, gathers resource documents, upcoming events and the latest news on the bioeconomy.

If you want to know more, click on this link: Knowledge Centre for the Bioeconomy

On the website of the Bioeconomy Research Centre, you can find information on employment and the economic weight of the bioeconomy for example. The Joint Research Centre and the Nova-Institute (nova-Institut für politische und ökologische Innovation GmbH) published in 2018 estimates of jobs, turnover and value added created in the various sectors of the bioeconomy and in the Member States of the European Union during the period 2008-2015.

If you wish to view the statistics and draw graphs from them, click on this link: Jobs and Wealth in the European Union Bioeconomy

Find out more about the bioeconomy strategy for a sustainable Europe on the European Commission's website.

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